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WordPress is a web design framework with a vibrant ecosystem of themes and plugins that makes it easy to quickly develop and manage websites. This project was built with WordPress as a starting point, but is customized to meet the design requirements of CellScout.

One problem plaguing the the used phone market is that there is no recourse when your phone is stolen. Buying or financing a new phone through one of the major carriers allows you to "Blacklist" your phone if it is lost or stolen, preventing anyone else from using it on any carrier.

CellScout is a database of lost/stolen phones that anyone can use and offers a $50 reward for anyone who finds and returns one of the missing phones.

In order to make signing in to CellScout as easy as possible, this project uses Facebook and Google Sign-In APIs to log in users with their pre-existing accounts. No need to make (and remember) a new email/password combination.

We also take advantage of Google's reCAPTCHA to prevent automated abuse of the database search feature.

Setting up Stripe allows projects to securely process credit card payments. While there are other payment processors, Stripe helps detect and block fraud for no additional fee over their usual 2.9% + 30 cents per charge. It is also fairly easy to integrate, and offers an in-depth dashboard for monitoring charges.